Choosing The Right Thermometer For A Baby

As a parent of a baby or a young child, one of the most important items you can have in your medicine cabinet is a baby thermometer. It may just save your child’s life one day!

Why? Because a rise in your baby’s temperature above the normal 98.6°F (37°C) could mean that all is not well and perhaps your baby has a fever.

Many families may already have an adult thermometer around the house, but whilst these types of thermometer may be suitable for adult use, they may be unsuitable for use with a child in some cases.

Choosing the right thermometer for a baby is obviously very important and owning one that is specifically designed for a baby or young child can be the right way to go. There are several things you should look out for when purchasing one.

Here is a list of features you may want to see in a good baby thermometer:

Digital readout

Flexible tip

Suitable for underarm and oral use

Safe and reliable

Easy to use

Easy to clean (waterproof)

Fever alarm

Last reading memory

Good accuracy rating


Automatic shut off

As mentioned, choosing the right thermometer for a baby is important, so let’s look at some of these features.

A digital baby thermometer is often the right type to purchase, provided that it has a good accuracy rating and an easy to read display as mentioned above.

Children under five years old can tend to wriggle around a little (as every parent will know) and therefore, having a thermometer with a flexible tip, whilst still being made of robust and reliable materials is the ideal, not to mention safer option.

One very useful function to look out for is a fever alarm. This will alert you if baby’s temperature is above normal. Note that if your baby thermometer also has a ‘last reading’ memory function, this will enable you to take and know your baby’s normal body temperature for comparison purposes.

An automatic shut off function will help preserve battery life and buying digital baby thermometers that do not have this facility can mean that you are constantly having to spend money on battery replacements over time.

It can be worth considering having one thermometer for home use and one additional one to carry with you when you are out and about, or traveling with your child.

You can purchase your thermometer online, but do be aware that there are many fake and poor quality items around, so do make sure to buy from a reliable website or supplier.

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