The Medicine Called Zumba

The music is progressively styled for users to alternate from slow to fast workout movements. This alternating exposes the body to different heart rates thus delivering a good cardio exercise. The Zumba fitness uses body’s own resistance to shape and tone the body. Zumba fitness classes are performed in group to keep individuals motivated and socialize as well. This 45 minutes exercise regime burns a load of calories without the user recognizing it. Zumba as a term means nothing it is just a catch phrase which has gripped the global market.

This Latin inspired zumba performance classes get’s its root & style from different music styles like cumbia, salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, soca, samba, hip hop music, axé music and tango. Music is core to the resources required necessary to perform zumba. This is more a performance class then fitness class; so it keeps the interest of the user occupied and thus achieves the objective of wellness and better health. The fitness classes are designed to address all age groups from the young ones to up to the old ones. Zumba is all about building balance and coordination. The workout intensity it provides targets the upper body and lower body strength. Maintaining body postures while performing zumba is critical such that the entire body gets exposure to the movements and intensive workout.

Zumba fitness was started in 1990’s by Colombian fitness trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez. Since then it has taken the fitness market by storm. Today it is made available in almost every country and is being offered as a special feature by most of the fitness centers. There are a nine different type of classes to address the different age groups and cohorts. Zumba gold is very elementary and progressively styled fitness session which targets the beginners and the older people; it begins with easy workout steps till the body gets used to its rhythm and then explodes. Zumba step targets the lower body and the workout involves routines and step aerobics performed over Latin music. Zumba toning is a workout performed with toning sticks and targets abs, thighs, arms and other muscle throughout the body.

All it demands is an hour long commitment and commitment towards a healthy & clean meal plan. Zumba fitness classes are also available online and on digital media like DVDs; this is for those who prefer to workout at home. A load of people subscribe to digital classes and operate from their respective homes at ease and convenience. Although it is difficult to stick to schedule when operating from home; however it depends on the individual to make a decision. The fitness class objective usually revolves around improving one’s coordination, mobility, agility, and posture and muscle strength. More than just being an exercise zumba is promoted as being a lifestyle. With number of instructors increasing the spread of zumba fitness classes is becoming more evident and a success.

Online Transcription – Smart, Efficient Technology for the Global Business Model

Not so long ago, I worked for an executive who would hand me an aging, warped cassette tape every month (usually while I was trying to finish another urgent project for him). The tape contained his reports to the company’s board of directors. Sighing, I would then load the tape into a dusty playback device, struggle to find the machine’s foot pedal among the computer cords under my desk, and then painstakingly transcribe his reports. My executive wasn’t the clearest speaker; he often trailed off, mispronounced names, and ate his lunch while dictating his notes. Since we erased and reused tapes, previous recordings would occasionally bleed into the most recent dictation. Two or three hours later, I would finally have a verbatim transcription, which I then needed to edit into a final, error-free report. Meantime, the phone would ring, emails will fill my inbox, and I would silently despise that monthly event I called “tape day.” An entire workday would be lost due to outmoded technology and inefficient processes. Surely, I thought, there is a better way.

And, of course, there is. With the advent of digital media and online transcription services, there’s really no need (or excuse) for cassette tapes, or for confining an employee to the task of transcription when outside professionals can handle such projects with greater efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Transcription itself remains vital, since written records of audio and video files provide valuable archival information and insight. The key is to find the transcription service provider that can best meet your needs.

Online transcription services have several advantages over traditional transcription services. As more businesses move to an online (rather than bricks-and-mortar) model, overhead costs decrease, and the savings are passed along to the consumer in lower prices. Both traditional and online services can save clients time, but online services-many of which are globally based-surpass their traditional counterparts here. With an online service, a client can securely upload audio or video files at the end of his workday, which is often the start of a new workday in the online provider’s time zone. Once the client returns to the office, the finished transcription is ready.

Because of their global reach, online services have greater access to experienced transcriptionists who are fluent in various languages, cultural nuances, and terminology in various industries (including finance, medicine, law, and IT). Using a blend of speech-to-text software and human intelligence, online services can quickly process and refine audio and video file transcriptions. Larger online services, such as

The Future of Online Learning and Personal Self Development is Here

People all over the world are becoming increasingly more aware that they must continue learning and educating themselves throughout their lives in order to achieve long-term success in the field of their choice.

In certain fields, such as medicine and the sciences some individuals continue their formal learning and education well beyond the path they started at an early age. Many continue their formal learning for an additional 10 – 20 years, sometimes more.

Unfortunately, most of the working class today regardless of the level of education that they achieve still often find themselves lacking a certain type of learning….the type of learning that will empower them and give them the confidence and resources to take the necessary risks that will reward them both in their career path and their earning potential.

For example, an MBA degree will certainly add value to your ability to get hired by an employer. But, the question remains….where do you go to fulfill your ambition or to develop your competitive skills?

What if you want to improve your sales and performance skills or become more successful at time management or become an entrepreneur ? These practical applications are still limited, even though there has been a tremendous growth in Internet based communications and tools.

This is certainly contrary to how training and mentoring was done throughout the world for hundreds of years. Back when our ancestors were around, if you wanted to learn a specific skill or trade…you became an apprentice. You would learn the knowledge about the entire process and procedure required in a certain industry. This was done from generation to generation so there would be a consistent quality with each skill that was mastered.

The “Masters” of a particular industry would provide the guidance and long term training for their apprentice. The time frame could last up to 20 years. The apprentice would sacrifice much in the way of income in order to gain the valuable training to master their skills and become successful..

Today, the apprenticeship of yesterday has evolved. Now, we have shorter term, expensive “post graduate” programs offered by institutions of higher learning. There are also Corporations that have programs designed to develop leaders or you can travel around the country attending seminars.

However, the cost and time that is needed and the fact that it may be quite inconvenient has made it quite difficult for most to participate in these programs. Sadly, you now have a potentially successful business leader without the proper tools and resources to further his or her career.

So, that being said…where does that leave us?

We are now in the Digital Age, where the Internet dominates every aspect of access to information ranging from entertainment to communications and it is immediately available to the masses.

The Future Of Online Learning is here…

Today, the trend is growing through various online education portals, where individuals gain access to current and relevant knowledge and skills training, provided by today’s Masters in leadership development, time management, sales training, entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills and money management.

These education portals and online universities reintroduce the apprenticeship concept for a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. One of these websites also provides a vehicle to preserve the classics in sales training skills while creating a new forum for their viewing.

So, if you are willing to make the commitment to yourself and invest in yourself…you can start learning from the “Masters of Today” in the comfort of your own home. Find an online education portal producing and offering the highest quality learning programs and materials to its members, focused on helping its members improve their work, business and personal lives.

Some of the qualities and features you should be looking for are…

  • Access to millions of dollars worth of online video content, accessible 24/7 to any desktop
  • Live web-based sessions from many of the top Business Mentors in the world
  • High-definition streaming video interviews with some of the world’s most successful business CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • Online reviews of the latest, best-selling publications dedicated to business, leadership and professional development
  • Online access to Professional Coaching & Mentoring Services
  • Access to an exclusive 52-week Professional Development Curriculum, including lessons that will provide the most advanced business skills that sales leaders, home business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses will need to achieve the Inside Advantage

Knowledge and education is your best asset for your potential earning power.

The type of web education described above will provide real-time access to hundreds of relevant topics that focus exclusively on personal development and enhancing your business and earning potential. The select faculty of educators and guest speakers should provide you priceless, time-tested video modules, along with new, cutting-edge content from around the globe. From the basic business fundamentals to advanced leadership, you will develop and refine your business skills by learning from the industry’s best talent in the new age of “online learning.”


Watching Funny Videos Online

When you are feeling bored as hell, there are many things that you can do online. One of the best things that people do in their spare time is watching funny videos online. Funny videos are usually short parts of movies, but vary in format as well as size. These also include various television videos, movie videos and also music videos. Since funny videos are available in digital format, they can easily be uploaded, downloaded and even shared with friends and families. There are many reasons why people watch funny videos on the internet.

One of the most important reasons is for entertainment. These days, most people lead stressful lives. In order to get rid of stress, most people choose to watch videos on the internet that are funny. People say that laughter is the best medicine and it can help solve a lot of problems. Funny videos are stress killing and these days, there are a number of different websites where you can watch these fun-filled videos for free. Since these videos are really short, they can be downloaded very quickly.

Apart from the very funny scenes from movies made into a short video, there are many different funny advertisements on the internet. Some of the best ads can be watched on YouTube and there are also other websites that have a collection of the best ads that will have you laughing till your sides hurt. Funny videos helps people relax their mind and offer numerous medical advantages. It is said that laughter and getting relieved of stress helps cures more than half of your disease.

Apart from the health benefits, another great reason for watching funny videos and the best funny ads on the internet is to mold your personality. Funny things happening around us impart positive vibrations and this makes us more aware of our responsibilities. It helps us realise good things from bad things and also creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy. Such videos and ads can also help you cheer up a loved one in times of sadness. Moreover, you can include watching fun-filled videos to your hobby and this will become an efficient way of passing your free time.

So the next time you are bored, sad or lonely, just go online and watch some funny clips or videos. This will refresh you with positive energy and help you perform your tasks with extra energy and power.

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Laughing Out Loud Online – The Key To Finding Hilarity In A Boring World

Let’s face it. We all love the Internet and its wealth of quick knowledge and information but it has also caused us all our fair share of misery.

Viruses have destroyed our hard drives, financial and sexual predators lay lurking in the shadows and everything else that could possibly be unpleasant is never more than a click of the mouse away.

So in order to not let the world of fast information get you down, it is important to stay in touch with your sense of humor, especially when you are stuck behind a computer all day. The daily frustrations of dealing with the Internet and computers can leave even the most pleasant of people in a fowl mood, so it’s important for all of us to keep ourselves laughing out loud online.

One of the biggest reasons that more people are smiling behind their computer screens is the sudden mass influx of funny video file sharing sites. These sites allow any user from anywhere in the world log on and view real-time videos from all over the world.

They are usually organized in a manner that anyone can easily search for and find something of interest. For example, if you are a cat lover you would not have any difficulties busting a gut over some hilarious kitty videos. There is an abundance of websites and video sharing sites that specialize in home videos of cats doing what they do best; being hilarious.

The most common way for people to stumble upon these sites is through a recommendation from a friend. In the digital world, this can come from a variety of sources but is usually contained as a forward in an email, a reminder on a social networking site or even spoken in person.

The sheer wealth of funny information, especially pictures and videos is overwhelming. And it is definitely a buyers market because most of the funny information you find online comes at absolutely no cost.

The popularity of social networking sites has made finding solid humor much easier for many people. These sites allow users to post website addresses for funny pictures or videos that their friends can see. So if a few of your friends share the same sense of humor, then you can be in constant exchange of links to funny videos or other online content.

Although it is probably not the best idea to send funny forwards to your friends while on the job, many people are guilty of it. Nevertheless, receiving a funny email right in the middle of a stressful day can give you the boost you need to get through until five o’clock.

More and more these days we are holed up in front of our computers for longer and longer periods of time. We are interacting with each other less and most of us are certainly laughing a lot less.

As the old adage goes, laughter is the best medicine, and that still applies in a modern and ever-changing world.

So even though the Internet can be a frustrating world at some times, it offers the perfect market for soothing the nerves through humor. No matter what comedic styles you prefer, there is a guaranteed over-abundance just waiting to be found online.

So click your way to laughter today. Your mood and stress level will thank you for it

Short Notes on Outsourcing Medical Transcription

The health-care industry comprises of a number of professionals, specialists, financial agencies, patients, etc. The main area of focus for health-care providers is to provide medical care and assistance to patients who come under their care. When patients visit doctors for medical treatment, the doctor records the patient’s problem, makes note of his observations, diagnosis and prescriptions. These are clinical notes that need to be preserved for future reference. Paper based records are hard to store, maintain and access. It may also require lot of storage space and require systematic and organized storage to facilitate immediate access. However, maintaining paper based records is tedious and impractical and so the only solution is medicinal transcription outsourcing. With the advancement of technology and the use of internet, medicinal transcription is no longer a challenging task. There are many reputed online medicinal transcription companies who offer therapeutic transcription solutions to healthcare facilities located anywhere around the world.

Why Outsource Medical Transcription?

Medical care needs to be highly organized because patient medical records should be available instantly on demand. In a patient’s medical treatment there could be several specialists who may be involved in providing the different types of medical care. Therefore, there will be several users of these medical records. The physician, nurses, administrative department and even insurance agencies need to have access to these records for the care of the patient. For this, the medical records have to be updated on a regular basis. While it is impossible for a doctor or a medical staff to maintain and update these records, therapeutic transcription outsourcing will simplify this challenge. There are professional providers of therapeutic transcription services to healthcare providers who can convert your clinical notes into an electronic format.

Who Can Outsource Medical Transcription?

Leading health transcription companies provide a wide range of solutions and services to hospitals, individual doctors, MTSOs and practices. Irrespective of how small or large facility you own, you can always outsource health transcription services from a professional company that provides extremely cost-effective and high quality services in a very short average turnaround time. However, apart from the transcription costs and delivery time, you need to ensure that the health transcription company provides HIPAA compliant services. Medical transcription companies that comply by the standards of HIPAA guarantee safety, security and confidentiality of all the information that you exchange.

Features of Online Medical Transcription Facilities:

• Digital recording
• Toll-free dictation via phone connected to the service providers server
• Free seven day trial
• No minimum contract
• 99%+ guaranteed accuracy
• Reasonable prices
• Twelve hour following morning turnaround

Medical transcription outsourcing is the only solution for all your medical transcription needs. It has become the preferred choice for all healthcare providers. If you too are looking to outsource medical transcription, then choose a company that provides transcription services for all specialties under one roof. provides special offers for medical. For more detail click here medical transcription outsourcing and Outsource Medical Transcription.

Defining the Social Networking Jargon

Social networking involves the simple act of grouping people. Something we have been doing since our days of living in a cave. Today in the age of instant messaging and information social networking has taken on a more significant persona. Its instantaneity and spontaneity have changed the rules of normal discourse.

As is often the case with new technology there is an increase in new terminology. Among these terms are social bookmarking, social networks, crowdsourcing, blogging, podcasting, commentary, folksonomy and Ezines.

Folksonomy is perhaps the most unusual term of the group. It means social tagging and multiple users can add key words to shared information. Ezines are digital online magazines and the subject matter is limitless. Anyone may create an Ezine.

Social bookmarking is a way people share, organize, search, and/or follow on the internet. This is not the same as sharing a file. What is not shared is detailed information or actual websites.

What is shared are the bookmarks (some call this ‘favorites’) that reference the websites. For example a website you save as a bookmark you are saving only that address (URL), and no information about what is on the site. The value of keeping bookmarks or lists of sites is for future reference.

Crowdsourcing is taking a task that is normally given to an employee or a contracted person or company and assigning it to a group. This is becoming popular among those of us in the business of writing. An example is blur The purpose of crowdsourcing is to produce leveraging in order to achieve a business goal. In our case, publishing our articles and books.

Podcasting involves blogging and digital audio technology (usually Mp3) and it is available on free servers. Writers and film producers are taking advantage of this. It’s a way of getting excerpts of your works out into the public….teasers. A caution here. It helps if you have a good speaking voice. If you don’t get a friend who does to read your ‘stuff’.

Blogging has become such a part of our National mental image further definition is not necessary. It is an effective way of getting your name out to the public. However, your blogs must have relevance to public interest or you will not have a great deal of traffic to your blog site.

Commenting on other people’s works, ideas, and blogs is another way of networking. Generally, there is an exchange of ideas and other people get involved. This builds a base of people who know you.

Writing articles for Ezines is not necessarily profitable in terms of hard cold cash. Some sites do pay but only minimally. The value for a writer is getting name recognition; a platform and brand. Much work goes into Ezine creation and writing.

Videos are making a splash on popular, and Most of these are not professionally produced. Costs may be a factor. There is a question as to how much revenue is generated in terms of books sales from video trailers.

Whether you choose to involve yourself in any of these promotional tools is a personal decision. A Suggested site with additional information about these terms is listed below.

Getting published is just part of the struggle. A medical doctor friend has advised we should use whatever helps us get well; be it traditional or alternative medicine. That same holds true for the professional writer. Use whatever helps you to be successful.

Disclaimer: I do not advocate creating a scandal or committing an illegal act to gain notoriety, or to willfully bad mouth someone just to get attention in the public media.

The Hippocratic Oath Upheld PHI, Your Personal Health Information Kept Private

“I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.” (1) This excerpt from the modern Hippocratic Oath to which every doctor swears by; it was set to ensure that each patient’s information and condition is kept private.

The communal spaces of a clinic pharmacy or hospital often don’t mirror the tenet for medical privacy. For example, standing in line waiting to ask the pharmacist a personal question can be an embarrassing and even traumatizing ordeal as complete strangers stand within earshot. For many patients, simply having to divulge personal health information (PHI) can be an uncomfortable occurrence in itself. Couple this fear with the security and privacy risks inherent to anything of a personal nature, particularly one’s own medical information. Being sick today or even going in for an annual exam or wellness visit connotes a hesitancy on patients who are all to wary of things like identity theft.

Having access to a healthcare provider online is less stressful and more practical for many patients. “People are often more comfortable talking to a computer than they are to a doctor,” said Dr. Delbanco, a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School and the lead author of an article on doctors and e-mail in the current New England Journal of Medicine(2). However, the convenience of emailing your doctor or clinic to ask your provider questions brings up risks.As the digital and healthcare worlds advance their symbiotic relationship into the 21st. Century new threats to personal health information have also emerged in recent years.

Did you email your question to the correct person at your clinic? Did they reply to the email directly or use contact information in their electronic medical record database? In a 2005 study 70% of Americans are concerned that personal health information could be disclosed as a result of weak data security(3). With each technological advance, both the medical field and patients must be aware of the severity of improper use of public health information (PHI). According to the Heath Privacy Project, a patient’s rights information site, one in five patients are victims of improper disclosure (4).

In spite of all these risks, patients continue to utilize email and the internet in order to seek out answers to various health queries. Some visit sites such as WebMD’s Symptom Checker to find why they’re left leg is swollen, while others simply spend time at sites such as the American Diabetes Association that are strictly devoted to specific health issues. Patients often research and want to ask questions about their conditions after clinics are closed.

“It’s a matter of both convenience and comfort level,” Dr. Delbanco, an advocate for the continued relationship of email, the internet and medicine says. “In the office, a doctor sits there in a white coat exuding authority, which can be scary. There’s evidence that people tend to be more open in front of a computer, especially with tricky stuff like alcohol or sexual behaviors.” (5)

Online behavior shows that not only patients but many within the medical field want to take accessing medical information a step further. Both medical providers and patients wish to use the internet as a tool in their personal healthcare communications. “The internet will increasingly change patients’ expectations of the clinicians, so that physicians will routinely need to offer services like e-messaging, instant messaging, video conferencing and other online services,” according to Dr. Daniel Z. Sands, a primary care internist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (6).

Trends in patient internet use show that now is the opportune time for both patient and doctor to achieve a cooperative symbiosis within the digital ether. The digital medical office is a true possibility, but measures need to be put into place to protect patients’ private health information and a clinic’s electronic medical records.

The internet has changed where and how patients seek the help of doctors and medical providers. The e-medical caregiver can converse with his or her patients in a wide array of online communications tools, continuing the symbiotic relationship between doctor and patient. The Hippocratic Oath’s tenets of treatment, respect and privacy can be upheld as long as electronic security is also a priority to clinicians.